tips for bloggers…

octubre 12, 2005

I was searching for some tips, because I know that i need a lot of help(not only on my Enligsh)… so, this is a post that I found in Mangas Verdes, this are the rules that i need to do..

1 – You’re probably stupid – Well, maybe not stupid, but at least ignorant. Often you are the last one to figure out that you’re not as smart as you think. Assume that someone will think you’re stupid and will kindly point this out in the comments. Preempt that by assuming you’re stupid and uninformed. In other words, be humble and don’t try to write something conclusively smart-sounding. Start a discussion where someone smarter than you can step in easily.

2 – You need help thinking – Focus on the parts that you can’t figure out. Ask people to help you think. Most of the people who comment on my blog are helping me think. In other words, don’t say, “Blah blah blah. I’m an authority. Now talk amongst yourselves while I go pat myself on the back.” Say, “Gee, I’m not that smart, but here’s something interesting I’m noodling on. I’ve gotten this far on these pieces. Help me out here… someone?”

3 – Take a position – Wikipedia is about neutral point of view. Blogs about points of view. You can always admit you’re wrong later, but posts that don’t have a point of view are boring and people are less likely to comment. “Here is what people are saying about Web 2.0” is less interesting than “I think the word Web 2.0 is stupid.” However, remember rules 1 and 2.

4 – Link – Read other blogs a bit before posting. Link as much as possible. Try to participate in the conversation instead of soap-boxing.

5 – Write early write often – Don’t wait for your ideas to be completed. When you have some inspiration, get it out of the door quickly. Update the post or write new ones as the thought or story unfolds.

this tips were writted by Joi Ito here

I’ve thinking about that, and i really need to do something about..


p.d. I’m searching for a English teacher.. heeelp meee!!


the life…

octubre 12, 2005

today, the single life happens, happens over my as if I dinit exist, as if I was not here…

yesterday, a wonderful day. worthy to remember it…

tomorrow, tomorrow it will be another day…


the beginning…

septiembre 29, 2005

how to begin whit this little blog?, i don’t know really, the main idea is to learn English… so, I’m searching for a teacher becouse i know that i have a lot of mistakes… if you are interested please tell me…

I would be thankful that you tell me all my errors…


Hello world!

septiembre 28, 2005

This is the first post on i think, i’m ready….